The end... or a new start?

May 1996:

Because the fact that some members of us lost their interest in the MSX computer system and we reached our goals Compjoetania quits the MSX scene. We want to develop gamesoftware of other platforms. We took a look to platforms like SNES, Playstation, CD-I and the PC. After a long internal discussion we decided that the PC offered the most possebillities and future. And of course the most of us already owned a PC. 'Jungle Symphonies' was the last music demo we put out on the market. You could read in the 'readme.txt' that Compjoetania quited the MSX scene.

At first everybody of Compjoetania wanted to quit the MSX scene and thats why we had a big problem. Who was going to continue with 'Compass'? Almost nobody we know was qualified for the job according to us and those who were, are they willing to continue with 'Compass'? And such a beautifull project could not be trown away, that's for sure. But after a few weeks Davy Heremans announced that he wanted to continue with MSX because it was his favorite computer system. He was one of the developers of Compass so he was a qualified person. Davy, Sander and Davy's cousine Wouter would continue with the MSX system under the name  'COMPJOETANIA, The Next Generation'. We wanted that he added something to the name because Compjoetania was still Compjoetania but on the same time there was only one member of the old team.

The following members left Compjoetania and are going to develop gamesoftware for the PC under the groupname 'ARCAMAX':

This was the end and a new begin!!!